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Is your credit score your biggest impediment to availing a phone contract? Have you grown weary of applying and getting rejected every single time you seek a contract phone? Have all your efforts to avail a phone contract hit a brick wall because providers view you as a risk? Are you in search of a provider that won’t bring up your credit score status but rather approve your application? If yes, relax as you came to the right place. As AFDW Phones, we pride ourselves in being the provider of choice for UK individuals struggling with a poor credit rating and unable to avail a phone contract.

From inception, our core aim has been to help or assist as many UK citizens as possible get approved for a phone contract. We understand that a poor credit rating has brought untold suffering to thousands of UK citizens seeking to get approved for a phone contract and that is why we came up with bad credit mobile phones to remedy the situation. Our commitment is informed by the fact that we fully understand that a mobile phone is no longer a luxurious addition to life but rather a very basic and important asset.

For this reason, we feel that not a single person should be denied an opportunity for a phone contract simply because their credit score status has been found wanting. From the very first time we opened our doors to bad credit customers, our sole objective has been and continues to be, customer satisfaction. We do not compromise on the satisfaction of our customers and that is why our personnel go beyond the call of duty to ensure that our customers’ needs are met in the most professional manner.

Our bad credit mobile phones contracts are the most competitive in the market and have been designed with the interests of you in mind. We understand that our customers have different financial capabilities not to mention tastes and preferences and this explains why we go an extra mile to ensure that all their needs are met. We have a great understanding of the bad credit mobile phone industry and for this reason, we can say without fear of contradiction that you are safe with us. We endeavour to educate, enlighten and guide our customers prior to approving their applications.

Our honest approach in putting everything regarding bad credit mobile phones on the table has been one of the reasons that has led to our steady rise to the top. We do not hide any fees in our fine print and neither do we promise what we can’t deliver. To find the best mobile phone dealsfind the best mobile phone deals, we encourage you to check out the site and compare the different available plans based on your tastes and preferences not forgetting your budget.

Our advice is that you do not make a decision at a disadvantage or simply because you are desperate. Money Supermarket is one of the best hubs for information regarding different types of mobile phone contracts. You get an opportunity to compare the different types of mobile phone deals and choose one that best fits you.


In full recognition of the fact that our customers need to start using their phones in the shortest time possible, we endeavour to screen and approve bad credit mobile phones applications within 24 hours or less.